About TechtoGeek

TechtoGeek is a blog for people who love tech but live outside the bubble. It’s for the reader interested in technology but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it.

We aim to provide useful and entertaining content – without the insider jargon that can make tech news tiresome.

You don’t need to be deep into the tech space to enjoy TechtoGeek, nor will you need large swaths of time: The articles you’ll see here will be short and straight to the point. Nothing over 1,000 words.

And it’s not just tech-centric people that read us. Our audience is massive and includes everyone from parents and students to professionals in the tech space.

Our Mission

We’re all about keeping things light, fun, and relatable while diving into the vast ocean of tech. We know that not everyone is a tech guru, and that’s perfectly fine! Our goal is to bring you the latest and greatest in the tech world while making sure it’s easy to digest and enjoyable to read.

From the newest gadgets to the world of cybersecurity, we’ve got you covered – all in a friendly, conversational tone that feels like chatting with a knowledgeable friend.

We don’t just stop at written articles. We’re also big fans of mixing things up with podcasts, videos, and eye-catching infographics to keep you engaged and entertained. After all, technology is for everyone, and we want to make sure our content is as diverse as our audience.

So, whether you’re a busy parent, a curious student, or a tech professional, TechtoGeek is your go-to source for staying updated and connected to the ever-changing world of technology