This is the diagram of the Lego remake of the GTA VI trailer

This is the diagram of the Lego remake of the GTA VI trailer

Fans are finding many creative ways to celebrate their favorite games or games that interest them, and the new LEGO Remake GTA VI trailer is a testament to fans’ appreciation for the big title.

This is a true work of art. It also shows the potential for big chord ahead the next game. The trailer, created by World of Shrimpy on YouTube, uses LEGO bricks throughout the video and recreates each image. This is certainly not the first trailer for the remake that Rockstar has released since its official release.And it probably won’t be the last time.

This is all right the most unique thing. Another creator we talked about last week recreated the trailer with astonishing precision using gameplay footage from GTA V. The LEGO trailer looks like a faithful reproduction. But since it involves LEGO bricks, it’s a pretty entertaining take on the topic.

The LEGO GTA VI trailer uses stop-motion animation

It’s hard to look at something made of LEGO bricks without laughing. If you’ve played the LEGO game or seen the LEGO movies, you’ll understand. Thanks to the GTA VI remake trailer, this will fabricate you pause for a moment. World of Shrimp uses stop-motion video at 30 frames per second to create animations. This makes the trailer a little sillier than usual. It also gives you an surprising idea of ​​how long a trailer would take to make.

According to World of Shrimp, the entire project took about two weeks to create. They’ve been working on this since the original trailer came out. A time-lapse video is not a quick action. Especially since the trailer lasts almost a minute and a half.So two weeks seems reasonable to me.

World of Shrimp claims to have taken 3,086 photos during the trailer. That’s why we have to look at everything from a time perspective. The photos then had to be stitched together after they were taken to create the actual animation. Along with the LEGO remake trailer, World of Shrimpy drew direct comparisons to the original trailer.You can see both below.

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