Embark Studios promised to fix the cheating issue in the finale

Embark Studios promised to fix the cheating issue in the finale

Embark Studios has assured Finals players that the cheating issue that has been plaguing the game for several days will be resolved.

The Finals Cheating Concerns 

In the announcement, Embark explained that the cheaters suspended the final due to technical problems. The bug leave command prevented players who breach the rules from being banned.

The gaming community has been in an uproar for several days across the growing number of cheaters in the game, so big so that fans are calling on the developers to block the Chinese region as most of the reported codes have appellation in Mandarin.

“We are close to solving this problem and have already started to strengthen our anti-fraud measures. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to resolve these issues,” the game studio announced.

Embark Studios Promises Fair Space 

Finals was recently released on Steam as a free-to-play shooter with something special. The gameplay is known for its game show theme that challenges players in more and more tournaments.

The game quickly became popular on the platform, as Steam recorded 267,000 concurrent players when the beta launched and 200,000 concurrent players 12 hours after the full game was released.

At the time of writing, Emark had already promised to work on this issue. Most likely the game developer will be able to fix this issue in the next few days. “Our top priority is to provide players with a smooth, safe and fair gaming experience,” said Emark.


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