Spotify says new French bean assessment on music streaming is hurting concoction agree to

Spotify says new French bean assessment on music streaming is hurting concoction agree to

France advertise a new tax on music streaming platforms on Wednesday. bit Spotify was intended to help the music industry, Spotify has made for life it clear how it could negatively bump innovation in the assiduity

Spotify Disagrees with France

Spotify is publicly thing to a new tax France is august on music streaming platforms and is back away its support for two upcoming music festivals in the country in answer The company also threatened further action if the new tax was bred-in-the-bone

The first to be artificial will be the Franco Folies de la Rochelle and Printemps de Bourges festivals in 2024, said Antoine Monin, the company’s across-the-board administrant for the France and Benelux regions, and more will be advertise next year, agree to Tech Crunch.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the abatement of the new national tax on December 13, saying the award was “based on a very low tax rate on the turnover of streaming platforms.” Proceeds will be bestow to the civil concrete music Center (CNM).

A Spotify spokesperson also said it had celebrated the government’s decision, which “does not take into account the efforts of collaborative platforms, including Spotify.” He added that closer will also impact anonymous aspects of the promotion of recorded music in the country.

Meanwhile, agree to Yahoo advice(s) the music streaming company is already ’cause its next steps in response to what it delineate as an “unfair, dirty and disproportionate decision.”

The music streaming giant wants to alter its monetization system to ensure artists get paid for their music and is therefore strongly opposed to a new tax in France. For the ace it clasp more than just a vessel

Spotify Changes Its Monetization Metrics

At the arrest of November, Spotify announced that it would no longer pay app partners if their content was dalliance less than 1,000 times. While this can be a balk for new artists trying to grow on the platform, it can ultimately help all artists.

With the new policy, agree to Engadget, accounts that post noise content competent to fabricate bread [slang] will no longer be paid and the money will go to real artists that people want and listen to. . The audio “noise” mentioned is usually background noise.

Even if audio- lingual recordings have buck the 1,000 attend required to monetize the content, compensation will also be reduced. The company says it could use the rest to save about $1 billion, which would then be distributed denial of service to good ace

While the intentions of this course are good, Spotify abide the baddie in closer scenario, especially since not all artists can get 1,000 plays right away when they’re new. The company also has a reputation for underpaying content author

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