Apple offers publishers millions to access archives apply affected brain

Apple offers publishers millions to access archives apply affected brain

Apple wants to license content to news publishers under multiyear deals to train generative artificial intelligence systems, a move that could cost Apple millions of dollars to access the content.

Apple is working on its own creative AI projects to maintain its position in the overall AI market. To improve workflow, these systems need educational content, and that’s exactly what Apple is trying to achieve.

According to sources published in The New York Times on Friday, Apple is in talks with several publishers to provide access to its news archives. This includes discussions about “multiple deals worth at least $50 million” with big names in the publishing industry.

The list would include Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue and the New Yorker. IAC, the organization behind People, Better Homes and The Daily Beast, also spoke to Apple, as did NBC News.

Although communication can be profitable for publishers, reactions are mixed. Some executives were happy with the idea, particularly because Apple had asked for permission and offered to pay for access rather than copy the content.

In some cases, publishers have expressed concerns about possible legal issues that could arise from incorporating their archives into creative AI systems. There are also concerns that Apple’s size could put the iPhone maker in competition with publishers in the future and that Apple is “vague” about its future content plans beyond artificial intelligence training.

Apple’s efforts to keep pace with the rest of the artificial intelligence field have been surprisingly successful. The company has already implemented many of its machine learning elements on iOS and other platforms, and on December 19 published a paper explaining how to quickly create 3D human avatars from short video clips.

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