Enjoy a colorful Christmas with a wide range of Yeelight gifts.

Enjoy a colorful Christmas with a wide range of Yeelight gifts.

Finding a gift for your loved ones can be a discouraging assignment but fear not! Be it toys for barn [chiefly Scottish] or aesthetics artifice for a female Yelite Cube Blaze and Monitor Light Bar Pro are the right choice for you. Perfect for modern multi-generational blood and gaming enthusiasts, these customizable mood lights are sure to bring joy.

Yeelight, a global pioneer in smart lighting, offers a wide range of solutions to ameliorate the caliber of your living spaces. Their commitment to innovation and user-centered design will not only adorn your home, but also bring your loved ones closer with a cube lamp or light bar cover that can also serve as a musical attendant

Feel the break mood with smart third-party anti-integration affection from Yeelight Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Razer Chroma, Overwolf, IFTTT and Yandex. It’s a dream come true for all RGB lighting addict and anyone looking for a colorful Christmas.

Setting up Yeelight ambient lighting products is easy. Customize it to suit your personality with the apprehension app. Let’s dive into the fascinating details of the Smart Cube lamp and light cover

Yeelight Smart Cube Kit


The Yeelight Smart Cube Set consists of six darling accoutrement Starter Set, eye Set, Standard Set, Graffiti Set, Explorer Set and Music Set, each offering a unique combination of items. The kit includes three cube-shaped elements: a augmented matrix a panel and a mirror that take your lighting game to the next level and support smart devices and color akin


Immerse yourself in the world of 25 chromatic RGB colors according to your lighting in a 5×5 grid. Control 16,000,000 color variations of each light anchor via the Yeelight Station app, creating a stunning display reminiscent of Christmas lights.

The panel building block emits a soft light apply RGB technology, which integrates the light groups of the matrix element. You can customize the lighting effects to suit your mood or cause célèbre with 16,000,000 color options, whether it’s a bright red or a calming blue.

The reflective building block emits a colored, focused beam at an aspect of 15 stages It is a powerful RGB light source with adjustable directivity, an excellent choice for indirect lighting rooms in the abode

magnetic connections with a circular data ring allow 360 degree rotation. Arrange them vertically or horizontal bar and with voice bridle and desktop apps, the possibilities are truly endless. Enable Music Flow in the Yeelight Station mobile app for an immersive experience.

In addition to voice control,also supports desktop employment green-light you to perceive desktop publishing colors, captive real-time desktop color changes, and enhance your experience with dynamic lighting and shadow effects. It is enriched with You can also enable the music streaming feature on the Yeelight Station mobile app.

With six options and three different components, your design capability are bottomless. The Yeelight Smart Cube set can create the perfect atmosphere for a quiet evening or a lively party. You can also adjust the brightness agree to the chorography e.g. B. a soft, warm light for cozy nights or a bright, vibrant light for lively gatherings. The component has an classy and modular building

When linked coincidentally they create a striking, versatile piece with clever functionality. You can ask the Yeelight Smart Cube Kit to change color or play songs via music streaming via the app.

Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro


For those working from home or ambient up a gaming PC, Yelite Monitor Lightbar Pro is the best choice. It’s versatile enough to support flat and curved disport and offers glare-free lighting, creating the perfect environment for productivity or immersive gaming. Integrate this smart light into major gaming platforms for a better gaming experience and create the perfect environment for adorable games or connecting with friends online.


body your experience with different lighting modes via the Mi Home app. Choose from 16 million atmospheric colors to create the perfect mood lighting for your online battles, whether you’re defending a base in CS:GO or casting spells in League of Legends. The light bar works seamlessly with Chroma agreeable devices to ensure everything suits your taste.

With the Yeelight Monitor Lightbar Pro you aye have assure at hand. It features a remote control knob perfect for easily switching between gaming and work settings. Adjust the brightness and color temperature with a simple movement for better lighting when studying, going out or adventuring with friends.

This smart lamp can also be application- specific integrated circuit into popular smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. Easily manage your monitor’s blaze bar with voice commands or a quick tap on your phone screen.


Don’t wait a second longer and buy while everything is on sale at Yeelight. Don’t let the holiday season go by without contemporize your workplace or giving your loved ones something special. Celebrate happy moments with incredible abatement on Yeelight products!

From December 12th to December 25th, Yeelight on Amazon is offering up to 20% off all products, including a special $30 instant abatement on the Yeelight Smart Cube Kit.

get there will be a blithe air in the official Yeelight store from December 10th to 25th.Enjoy $20 off orders over $100, $50 off orders over $200, and an incredible $80 off purchases over $300. Brighten up the lives of your loved ones with the Yeelight Smart Cube Kit or Monitor Light Bar Pro, immolation a range of 16,000 color variations to suit any occasion, season or event.

Yeelight extend you a pleasant shopping chops fast and free shipping and handling and a reliable two-year warranty on its products. You also have the option of an exchange or return innards 30 days if the device does not meet your anticipation What other reasons have (to) you choose Smart Cube cover and Light Bar Pro as the best gifts for your loved ones? Act now before Christmas cactus buck up your life with Yeelight!


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