Google will pay $700 million if its App Store becomes an illegal monopoly.

Google will pay $700 million if its App Store becomes an illegal monopoly.

The company announced Monday that Google has agreed to pay $700 million and make changes to its app store, which it has fought for years to end an antitrust lawsuit from state attorneys general. What has he done

Under the agreement, Google will declare that it will make factoring app world builder accessible to users dead on Google’s terms, green-light the company to enjoy a discount of up to 30 days.

The tech giant said it would also streamline the process of making apps available for download outside of the app marketplace called the Google Play Store.

The changes to the Google App Store are big ’cause app developers, politicians and others have long pressured Google to loosen its control over downloading and paying for apps on Android devices. But only now, under legal and regulatory pressure on the App Store, is Google making serious concessions.

“We are pleased to choose our reviews issue and reach an agreement,” said Wilson White, vice president of government affairs and public policy at Google, in a Google arm blog article.

Millions of consumers to be given payments from Google

Although the United States announced the deal with Google in September, details were not bare until after the company announced the terms of the deal on Monday. In a lawsuit filed in July 2021 that beget in a settlement, more than 30 states accused Google of operating the App Store as an illegal monopoly, stifling competition and alienating consumers. No more subscription TV costs for mobile apps and other Google App Store buy But eventually all American states joined the cause.

Google will donate $630 million to a customer compensation fund and $70 million will go to dozens of states that have filed lawsuits against the tech giant.

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