Netflix is ​​trying to be the future of Android gaming, and it’s succeeding

Netflix is ​​trying to be the future of Android gaming, and it’s succeeding

Netflix subscription is the best way to play mobile games. That’s not a statement I would have expected in August 2021, when Netflix Games launched with a pitiful selection of titles, but the service has grown into a fantastic platform for mobile gamers..

In the spirit of Halloween, Netflix has made Dead Cells available with all DLC, including the latest expansion Castlevania, in its games library. This Metroidvania roguelike game has sold over 10 million copies across all platforms, making it a notable addition to its library. Like all games available on Netflix, this one is also available for free to Netflix subscribers.

This isn’t the first big name Netflix has teased. Other notable titles include expansions of core mobile games like Reigns and PC versions of indie hits like Into the Breach. The company’s aggressive approach has also led to the acquisition of exclusive mobile rights to popular games such as Oxen free 2 and Moonlighter. This can be frustrating for those who don’t want to pay for a gaming subscription, and it can seem even stranger if Netflix’s strategy doesn’t work. Where is it?

Netflix is banking on a long-term approach to its gaming strategy

In 2022, we provided statistics showing that only 1% of website users have downloaded a game from Netflix. A year later, the numbers had not improved at all. However, according to Netflix, 0% year-over-year growth is apparently a good thing.

The company has reportedly taken a “crawl and run” approach to gaming, trying to lay the foundation for future success rather than focusing on short-term growth. Despite the lack of data to support this confident claim, Netflix is ​​certainly not preparing for a Stadia-style shutdown any time soon.

The company is reportedly in talks to license a game based on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, which would be its biggest name yet, and there are plans to amplify beyond mobile bout into across-the-board game streaming , which probably should have happened. there from the beginning.

Netflix’s core users form the foundation for future gaming growth

The slow growth of Netflix tabletop gaming on mobile can be attributed in member to the fact that in 2023 the boob tube lived the most big device for watching Netflix agenda albeit the total number of mobile users abide altitudinous (78.7 million unique mobile users in September 2023 versus 132.1 million unique viewers), the barrier avert users out of downloading games from their abode killer app keep artifice is big for the adhesion . causes a blemish.

FILE PHOTO: The Netflix logo is shown on one of their Hollywood buildings in Los Angeles, California, U.S., July 12, 2023. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo

Netflix is ​​ironically the latest big name to enter the game streaming market. The company recently expanded its cloud gaming service to the US, green-light users to play a limited selection of games from the Netflix bout library on their TV using their phone as a controller.

But what all platform Netflix Games expands to, it will bring its library with it. Apple Arcade faces stiff competition on iOS appreciation to its selection of high-quality Android bout but it’s reject to no one Many of its games, care (for) Dead Cells, are already available on the Play keep but a one-time purchase costs around the cost of an ad-supported monthly Netflix subscription (Netflix bout are included with every Netflix subscription tier). So if you want to celebrate up with the best Android games without disburse a future you’ll need a Netflix subscription.

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