Samsung updates the African American Vernacular English version of the Galaxy S23 FE to Android 14.

Samsung updates the African American Vernacular English version of the Galaxy S23 FE to Android 14.

Less than two months after its launch in the US, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is receiving the One UI 6.0 update based on Android 14. The company is currently rolling out the update to carrier-supported variants on the AT&T and Cricket Wireless networks. There will be a broader rollout in the coming days that continence carry locked and unlocked units across all networks.

The Galaxy S23 FE picks up Android 14 in the US

Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 FE in early October, the same day Google announced the public rollout of Android 14.However, the new FE phone (Fan Edition) comes pre-installed with Android 13. It’s a disappointing move by the company, which it makes up for by quickly releasing the latest Android version.

In the third week of November, international versions of the Galaxy S23 FE received the One UI 6.0 update. Today the update reached US shores. The cellular variants of the phone are receiving a major update with software build number S711USQU1BWK6. Samsung releases November security patch for Android 14.

This update will be available soon for unlocked devices in the US. The build number may or may not be the same, but the changelog remains unchanged. SamsungUI6.

This phone will receive three more major Android updates

Samsung has promised four major Android active complex contemporize for the Galaxy S23 FE. The first is already here, so get there are three more left wing scilicet Android 15, Android 16 and Android 17. If the company shipped the phone with Android 14 on board, it would receive updates to Android 18, a generation more than the previous version . average account The warships of the Galaxy S23.

Even so if you’re using the Galaxy S23 FE in the US and haven’t common Android 14 yet, your wait shouldn’t be long now. As before, you can check for new updates in the Settings app. Go to the “Software Update” menu and tap “Download and Install.” You can also be pre- notify so long as an OTA wireless telephone account is accessible on your Samsung phone.

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