“Snapchat’s Bitmoji contemporize is erstwhile again abrasive users”

“Snapchat’s Bitmoji contemporize is erstwhile again abrasive users”

Snapchat users find themselves once more grappling with disappointment following a recent update to the platform, particularly concerning the transformation of the beloved Bitmoji avatars. In a surprising turn of events last week, the cartoon avatars underwent a significant makeover, leaving users startled and dissatisfied, marking the company’s endeavor to propel Bitmoji further into the realms of 3D representation.

Presenting the new avatar style as an enhancement of various attributes such as hair texture, face shading, and body proportions,
the company relayed that Bitmoji now boasts a more pronounced smile, a heightened expression of astonishment for moments of surprise, and an increased capability to articulate even the most nuanced emotions, as stated in their official press release.

However, the aftermath of this revamp has resulted in arms of unnatural length and faces bearing a more angular, unsettling
appearance. Expressing dismay, one user, identified as ‘X,’ voiced,
“The Bitmoji has evolved into something horrifying and unsettling; Snapchat needs to revise this immediately.” Another user depicted the abrupt transformation of their Bitmoji, lamenting, “WHAT THE **** HAPPENED TO MY BITMOJI??????”

Snapchat users previously expressed outrage earlier in the year regarding the integration of Snapchat’s My AI chat bot into their Chat feeds.

Having initially integrated Bitmoji into the platform back in 2016, these avatars have since become an indispensable element of the user experience. A substantial portion of the discontent with this recent update stems from the fact that Bitmoji serves as the quintessential representation of oneself on Snapchat. A disgruntled user took to Twitter to plead, “Can they please revert Bitmoji back to its former appearance? I look hideous.”

Another user expressed a disconnection from their Bitmoji representation, stating, “I no longer identify myself with my Bitmoji.”

This wave of dissatisfaction reflects a recurrent pattern where users yearn for the familiar, showcasing a longing for the original Bitmoji that predated this recent update. A TikTok video by @princense0 has garnered over 2.8 million views and 320,000 likes, showcasing old Bitmojis with a caption that echoes sentiments of longing for the traditional 2D Bitmojis. The snippet “I miss the old Kanye” from “I love Kanye” soundtracks the video, resonating with the audience’s nostalgia for the past.

The outcry stemming from this update underscores the profound impact these personalized avatars hold in shaping user identity within the Snapchat community. As users grapple with these changes, the yearning for familiarity remains palpable, with many hoping for a return to the beloved Bitmoji of yesteryears.


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