Layoffs at Spotify: Employees fired for “exploitation of artificial intelligence” on the platform

Layoffs at Spotify: Employees fired for “exploitation of artificial intelligence” on the platform

CNN reported that afterward a series of axe this calendar year Spotify owned joined other companies “using affected brain(s) across all platforms.”

Spotify marked 2023 with layoffs: 590 in January, 200 in June and another 1,500 in early December. Last year, the company laid off more than 23% of its 9,800 hand

The music platform is reportedly increasing its investment in affected brain(s) to boost the profitability of its podcast and audiobook divisions, a move that has been drink (in) by many on Wall Street.

Proof of this is that parent company Spotify Technologies’ earnings command risen 135% year-on-year in the last six months, with shares up 30%.

Spotify is diving into the hustle and bustle of the artificial intelligence market.

Last month, Spotify signed a deal with Google Cloud to use its Vertex AI search machine to improve the platform’s recommendations for audiobooks and podcasts.

According to Google Cloud, Vertex AI Search will be able to authority real-time user behavior, content alikeness and related content to recommend disparate results to users when comb

This is in addition to AI DJ, which launched in February, and OpenAI’s Whisper lingo translator, which was added last September.

“Whisper” is programmed to translate podcasts to create a “more authentic listening experience” with the original speaker’s voice in the listener’s preferred language.

AI can now deliver AI-powered lingo translations in Spanish, French bean and German for select podcast episodes.

Employee reactions to Spotify layoffs Reactions from

A former Spotify employee took to LinkedIn to share his concerns about the booming AI industry and its collision on human expedient know which side one’s bread is buttered on is becoming a “sad reality of today’s world.”

former Spotify hand said it was “appalling” that they “had their financial security taken away and had to rebuild it from scratch.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Eck said the layoffs were due to rising costs amid the company’s slow growth.

One said the company is currently re-evaluating its costs and the size of its workforce to “ensure we are well appointment to meet coming challenges.”

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