The asymmetrical digital subscriber line version of the Xbox Series

The asymmetrical digital subscriber line version of the Xbox Series

Today we have good news ’cause one of the YouTubers featured on this website is back. This concept creator is back, not with a smartphone, but with a asymmetrical digital subscriber line reading of the Xbox Series

This concept is a abidance of the recent massive leaks regarding the device. Since we’ve just received the PS5 Slim, it’s time for Microsoft to present its own version of the affordable digital machine. The concept video is very well done in this designer’s average fashionThe top refers to the hole in the case.

Yes, it’s tempting to compare it to a trash can or one of Apple’s desks, but in time it could find its place in the living room. We can see the brand new Xbox controller and ports in stunning detail. I actually prefer the light gray or white version over the black one, one way or added it offers better event to the PS5, especially when the green light is on top.

Amy Concept Creator did a great job evolving the Xbox Series digital console.

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