The bug compulsory Microsoft to roll back an update to the video live streaming character in Windows 11

The bug compulsory Microsoft to roll back an update to the video live streaming character in Windows 11

Microsoft’s upcoming update to video live streaming in Windows 11 has been put on hold due to reported bugs. This feature, firstly made available to Windows Insiders, members of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program who test upcoming additions, owns lived removed from the latest Windows 11 preview due to these issues.

Understanding Video Download

If you’ve used Chromecast before, you may be familiar with how video casting works. It fashion life effortless for users by allowing them to connect their devices to the TV. This tool is mainly given to manage multimedia content.

After Microsoft removed the feature from Windows 11 Preview Windows 11 Preview Build 22635.2486, Windows Central quickly noticed that it was no longer available in the Windows Insider Program Beta Channel on October 19th.

Users who decide to upgrade to this preview will find that the video streaming feature is temporarily disabled while Microsoft works to fix bugs and improve performance.

Will Microsoft restart video streaming?

The software developer has announced plans to re-enable the download feature in future account of the beta channel. However, it will first make sure that it works properly and smoothly after throwing the error.

While the delayed video download feature is an important development, the current update does not introduce many big features. Other changes include renaming the Xbox Game Bar in the Start menu to “Game Bar” and organizing system components under the “System” label in the Start menu. The bend of this reorganization is to increase the inter- availability and track of system components on the display of all employment

If you are currently using Windows 11, you may experience automatic updates. Apparently this could mean that your computer is temporarily slowing down.

To avoid these annoying updates, Tech to Geek commend users access Settings first. From go there tap Windows Update and explore “More options.” You should see the “Pause 1 week” option so you can roll off updates for the next seven days.

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