Threads become like X because it includes polls, GIFs.

Threads become like X because it includes polls, GIFs.

Threads are slowly applicable a achievable alternative to X, formerly known as Twitter. As Meta has added features to the microblogging site, the app is slowly becoming the Twitter that everyone loves and is used to.

What’s New on Threads?

Threads takes its role as an choice to X seriously as it act added and added like the old Twitter as it contemporize Meta adds polls and GIFs to the app, one of the well-known features that X users have lived using for years.

The company is family planning many new features for Threads, but the two annex mentioned are afore [chiefly dialect] being canon out. Butt Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, himself demonstrated the use of canvass and beget one of three options to choose from.

Although Zukcerberg’s example only shows three, users can actually add up to four options to the canvass There will also be a visible timer telling users how big time they command left to advance Once closer happens, all participants will receive a notification with the results.

As for GIFs, adjoin media is complete the same way on other platforms. The new GIF icon will be available just below the intake field, ahead with options like adding images. According to The Verge, users can use the most big GIFs or search according to their needs.

The platform admit GIF files from Giphy, which are also used by Facebook and Messenger. again Meta plans to add view counts to threads, which, agree to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, “gives people a better sense of reach.””
“The digit of command is interesting because I think if we sent Instagram or Facebook we could have them today,” Mosseri said. Features are now affordable to more people, including the ability to pin replies to a post.

views and pinned replies are a commonsense idea, especially when users want to highlight an important answer to a post or behold if it’s getting the engagement they ache (for) ’cause comparison, the number of views added in December 2022 is only

Things are Looking Up for Threads

For a bit the app appeared to be blunder as traffic to Threads dropped histrionic reaching a record 100 million signups in just five days. However, recent reports suggest that the microblogging alternative is still ins and outs well.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of meta- analysis announced that the app has “just under 100 million” monthly active users, which is about the coequal as the digit of signups in the first week. The administrant is even optimistic, saying that Threads has a “good chance” of reaching a billion users in the future.

As reported in Business Today. Zuckerberg said: “I’ve thought for a long time, there should be a billion-person public conversation app that’s a bit more positive and I think if we keep it going for a few more years, I think We have a great opportunity to achieve our vision there.”

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