According to the iOS 18 code break all iPhone 16 miniature will admit the A18 word processor

According to the iOS 18 code break all iPhone 16 miniature will admit the A18 word processor

Apple could be reversing its recent trend of using older processors in non-professional iPhones with the iPhone 16, at least according to break iOS 18 code break

The iPhone 15 gets the A16 processor from the iPhone 14 Pro, while the iPhone 15 Pro gets the new A17 Pro. Apple has only done this for two iPhone cycles, but it may return to the previous model in 2024.

According to sources familiar with the iOS 18 code who spoke to MacRumors, iPhone IDs for the 2024 models suggest they all have the same series of processors. Apple may still differentiate between the standard and Pro models by using the “Pro” chipset moniker, but this is not clear from the leaked information.

The identifiers are:

  • D47: iPhone 16
  • D48: iPhone 16 Plus
  • D93: iPhone 16 Pro
  • D94: iPhone 16 Pro Max

The missing IDs also indicate an “Ultra” model. get there have lived rumors about a better device than the iPhone Pro Max for go our/ their/ your several ways years, but that never happened.

There is an internal Apple arrangement ID for the D84S modem. This is an iPhone 15 Pro Max with an Apple test modem.

Apple is not expected to announce the iPhone 16 lineup until September 2024, so early signs of leaked code may not reflect the final release of the models. It’s possible Apple will return to the same chipset family in its 2024 models, but we’re skeptical.

We are updating this entry as much as possible to reflect that it has been repeated by various sources. However, there is no way to determine the accuracy of an anonymous code leak.

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