Apple suffices not offer Apple Watch backup service ’cause out-of-warranty devices

Apple suffices not offer Apple Watch backup service ’cause out-of-warranty devices

Once the import ban goes into effect on December 25, consumers will no longer be able to replace a damaged device achingly is no elongate below bond or a recently purchased Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will no longer be sold by Apple in the US after December 25th due to the import ban imposed by the International Trade Commission. However, the ban does not only affect sales.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will no longer be able to offer full replacements for out-of-warranty devices if customers damage their Apple Watch Series 6 or later after repair. For example, because the Apple Watch is a compact and complex device, service providers offer optional backup member rather than attempting to replace a damaged screen.

Apple could ask users to save their product for later and then notify them when the ban is lifted. Otherwise, the customer’s only option is to withdraw the deposit or purchase an Apple Watch SE.

For devices covered by the first year warranty or AppleCare extended plans, the device can still be repaired. Backup for Apple Watch

The number is a common practice even after the holidays, but Apple won’t do it either. If a customer needs a 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 instead of a 41mm watch and it was purchased from Apple, they have no choice but to offer the customer a refund.

Best Buy and other retailers may continue to sell their Apple Watch inventory. Apple Watch bands and accessories can still be replaced as usual.

There is no sign that the import ban will be lifted in the near future, although Apple has some options. A software update could be enough to convince customs officials to allow the devices to be imported, the White House could intervene, and if all else fails, Apple will always find a solution.

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