Google bypass ad array in 2023 Best Chrome Extension Awards

Google bypass ad array in 2023 Best Chrome Extension Awards

Google just announced its best Chrome extensions for 2023 and it seems like one particular tool is missing.

Of the six categories shown, none contain the ad blockers that many Chrome users have come to love over the last year.

The results differ from last year, when many popular browsers and streaming extensions also included ad blockers.

The lack of third-party ad blockers comes as Google tightens its policies on extensions and plans to release more versions of its older versions next year.

Google Cracks Down on Ad Blockers, Third-Party Cookies

In the final months of the year, Google’s efforts to remove ad blockers and third-party cookies from the platform were in full swing.

Many ad blockers no longer work on YouTube or have a significantly reduced playback speed.

Google admitted to manipulating its platforms to discourage users from using third-party extensions instead of subscribing to premium plans.

Some extensions should no longer work with the release of the new Manifest V3 extension format. Many extensions still work in the old “Manifest V2” format.

To address this issue, several browsers have updated their built-in ad blockers so that they can access YouTube videos with relative ease.

These include the Firefox and Opera browsers.

Best Chrome Extensions for 2023

When it comes to recognized awards, here are the most popular Google Chrome extensions in 2023:

Scribe, DeepL Translate, Quillbot and Sider were appreciate for helping them “get things done faster” with built-in AI features that streamline workflows.

Tel has also been cited for helping job seekers select positions on popular job boards and manage applications in one place.

Another AI-powered tool, Trankriptor, won the Share Meeting Notes Made Easy award for its audio-to-text conversion feature for meetings and discussions. An alternative to text-to-speech is Speechify.

Equalizer also receives a reward for access to Fine Tune Audio Live.

Hello is the perfect extension to add style to your browser, and its minimalist design protects users from distractions.

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