Stability AI offers three subscription levels for commercial use of its AI models.

Stability AI offers three subscription levels for commercial use of its AI models.

Some AI companies are busy commercializing their products and services, while others are working to put out commercial fires. On the other hand, Stability AI has been busy developing more tiers for users and has finally revealed what its subscription plans have to offer.

Stability AI’s Membership Tiers

Most AI tools such as ChatGPT, the company’s AI models, also have a free version. Users can benefit from early access to core templates, public communities, and even new templates. However, commercial use is not possible.

The Professional subscription level includes everything a user can get in the free version, but offers additional benefits such as membership in the Discord community for professionals and of course for commercial use. . This is the cheapest paid tier at $20.

The cheapest paid subscription is for developers, programmers, and startups with annual revenue under $1 million, which also includes institutional funding and monthly active users. All three must apply to qualify for the $20 per month tier.

Beyond Enterprise Stability AI aims to create a subscription option for large enterprises. According to the company’s blog, in addition to all the free features, it also offers custom billing, professional features, and everything listed in the “Professional” section.

The company claims that membership entitles users to commercial use of core AI stability models that can be critical to the company. He also said that Stability AI will continue to develop and refine the base model as new models are developed.

Some users are still not sure what “commercial use” means, especially because the disclaimer in this section was not very clear.It is believed that commercial use may include the creation of creative AI services or simply content creation.

The Company Still Faces Copyright Issues

Even taking into account the company’s commercial advantages, it has yet to win a class action lawsuit against Stability AI alleging that its Stable Diffusion AI tool creates images. Use for copyrighted artwork

The copyright case is currently stalled due to false statements made by two plaintiffs. MY.U.U.S. District Judge S. William H. Orrick found that artists Kelly McKernan and Carla Ortiz never registered their worlds with the Copyright Office.

Both were removed from the project’s roster, leaving only one artist, Sara Anderson. Ars Technica reports that the plaintiffs will have to amend their lawsuit to reopen it, meaning AI stability will continue to be an issue going forward.

The judge said Anderson should explain his theory using concise copies of training materials and present facts to support a stable transfer…Working on training images.

Despite the failure, the judge finds that the plaintiffs’ remaining claims are valid, particularly because AI’s product, if cited, could reveal some of its artistic style.

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