Here’s where to fabricate and Bob’s your uncle Android phone appear want an iPhone

Here’s where to fabricate and Bob’s your uncle Android phone appear want an iPhone

Each major Android update offers more customization options, demonstrating Google’s commitment to Android’s versatility. The most feature-rich update was Android 12. This was the first update to allow users to change the appearance of home screen elements, including the colors of app icons. As Android 14 arrives on high-end Google Pixel devices and arrives on phones in your region, we’ll see more design and feature options.

Can you make your Android look like an iPhone?

Yes, you can make your Android device look like an iPhone by using third-party launchers, icon packs and themes from the Google Play Store.This is the only way to partially convert an Android device into an iOS device. Apple’s software is tailored specifically to its products and the company has a closed ecosystem. Apple does not sell its proprietary software to other manufacturers. Additionally, you should not download or install any software illegally via jailbreak.

iPhone launchers can change the way your Android phone looks, but not the way it works.Your default browser icon may have been moved to Safari, but that doesn’t mean you have Apple’s browser installed on your phone. If Chrome is your default browser app, you’ll see something like this.

Some apps may require a payment or donation to remove ads or access premium content. Additionally, launchers are limited to the home screen and lock screen and do not affect anything else. The file manager settings and menus remain the same. To completely change the look of your Android device, download a theme. Use the tips below to turn your phone into an iPhone.

Use iPhone launchers

launchers allow you to customize your phone’s app gallery and home screens. You can change icons, add widgets and change the layout. Most launchers have a lock screen, control center, and dynamic island customization settings.There is no need to download a separate app. Nova and Apex Launcher Pro are among the best Android launchers on the market.

Setting a third-party launcher as the default app on the home screen ensures that it works properly. If you decline, the phone will ask you to select the main home screen or return to default settings.

Most launchers ask for permission and accept terms and conditions after installation. Apps automatically open the app’s default home page, which you can choose as your primary home screen.

Download themes and icon packs

themes are styles or themes that change your phone’s user interface (UI), including icons, wallpapers and menus. The change may not be noticeable if your phone is in dark mode. Therefore, you may need to disable it.Launchers are apps that appear on your home screen and lock screen if they contain themes. They allow you to configure quick transitions, layouts and page settings. You can also add widgets to personalize your screen experience.

If you don’t want to completely change your home screen or interface, use icon packs. Icon packs allow you to restrict changes to icon styles, shapes, and colors.If you have one of the latest Samsung phones, download and change the app icons in the Galaxy Themes app. For other devices, you may need to use the built-in theme apps or the Google Play Store to download icon packs, themes and wallpapers. However, no theme can change the main menu and quick settings to look like the iPhone.

Install iOS app lookalikes

Apple’s closed ecosystem makes it impossible to install iOS apps without much effort. Although many websites claim to offer official iOS apps for download, we do not recommend installing them as they usually contain malware that can harm your device.For a safer alternative, try the Apple Apps Alternative app in the App Store.

Air Message is a solid alternative to iMessage. It has most of the features of iMessage. When it comes to utility apps, dozens of calculators and clocks in the Play Store mimic their iOS counterparts. Apple Music is available on the Play Store and has a pink widget.As with anything Apple-related, you’ll need an Apple ID.

Get a lock screen app

Apple’s iOS 16 update introduced features that rival Android 13. One of them is the lock screen widget. You can add widgets to the lock screen on iOS. This allows for faster access and control and was not available in Android 13.Although not available on Android, Google apps were available as widgets on the iPhone’s lock screen. This is a rare example of iOS surpassing Android’s customization capabilities. Android 14 attempted to address this issue by allowing limited lock screen widget customization for devices receiving the update.

To display widgets on your Android device’s lock screen, download the Lock Screen app from the Play Store. Depending on the app you download, you can customize the password or pattern to resemble iPhone features.

Use Control Center and assistive touch apps

By default, Android phones have a quick settings panel. To access it, swipe up from the top of the screen. You can’t replace it with the Control Center app, but you can configure the app to open the same way. For example, some apps let you swipe from the bottom, left, right, or top right corner of the screen. Some control centers may have an additional touch button for iPhone.It can be placed in any position.

Most control centers have the ability to take and save screenshots. This feature does not always work and your recordings may be corrupted. Some Control Centers may require you to download an in-app screen recorder or set an existing one as the default app in Control Center.

Enjoy free iOS-style customization on your Android

The icon, theme and launcher packs are free alternatives to enjoy iOS features without having to buy a new iPhone. It’s just an aesthetic effect. Additionally, if you don’t own a Xiaomi 13 series smartphone or a similar-looking smartphone, your phone’s hardware will be different from that of the iPhone.

Adding an iOS layout to your Android device is a lot of fun. You can’t turn your Android device into an iPhone, but you can show your iPhone friends how versatile Androids are. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of an iPhone, you need to buy an iPhone. Switching from Android to iPhone can be confusing, but using an online iPhone emulator will help you familiarize yourself with the new interface before making the switch.

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