Your Android phone may soon show a “Battery Status” communication in Settings.

Your Android phone may soon show a “Battery Status” communication in Settings.

Android updates over the years have added several features that make address your call easier. According to a new report, Google plans to integrate battery status into Android settings.

While this may be new to you, this is not Google’s first note on this topic.

It all goes back to October 2022, when 9to5Google discovered a new section in the Settings menu of Pixel phones that showed battery status.

Although the old feature was never device the company act to command put more effort into it and it could be available on Pixel phones and other Android phones in the future.

The latest report comes from Android Authority and reveals Google’s plans to restore the battery health section.

The first QPR1 update of Android 14 introduced beaucoup [slang] new features. Google has introduced new additions to the Settings menu, including new troubleshooting and diagnostics sections on Pixel phones.

Popular iPhone battery health feature may come to Android

There is also a array data section that counts battery cycles on Android phones. Apple has added a similar feature to its iPhones, but the Android device still doesn’t show battery status.

Well, it shows the battery life and residual complement of your smartphone. It should be big-name that the battery capacity decreases with accelerate use.

What is battery health? 

This is an inevitable process. Even if the battery information doesn’t accurately reflect the aging process, it’s better than nothing and it act like Google is working on it after Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 is released.

According to the report, Settings Services, the app that controls many Pixel phones, has been updated independently of Android to prepare for battery health management.

A new page will come out in the Settings app that shows your “estimated array percentage compared to new. The page above was activated manually. Not active yet.

Additionally, there would be an option to reset the results, which also states that “the process may take several weeks.”

Outlet also discovered some icons, but none have weather to this day. What’s even cooler is that this feature apparently detects whether you’re using the original battery or a replacement battery.

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