Pixel phones command the iPhone’s most useful battery feature

Pixel phones command the iPhone’s most useful battery feature

Your cell phone battery doesn’t last as long as it used to? If so, a new Android feature could soon confirm “or deny” this opinion. You think your phone battery is dead.

As part of the December feature update, Google introduced a basic battery information page for Pixel devices that includes the battery manufacturing date and the number of battery life cycles.

Interestingly, the phone retrieves much more information about the battery from internal data: date of first use, current charging status, charging policies (e.g.g. whether the device is capped at a certain percentage an hour before unplugging from the charger), and battery health.

The last setting is probably the most important as it gives the best estimate of how much charge the battery can hold. Over time, cell phone batteries wear out and use less and less charge. And if you can actually see the battery status, you’ll know if that’s causing the problem.

Although this information currently remains largely hidden, this may soon change. The latest Android 14 beta – specifically QPR2 Beta 2 – offers a more comprehensive battery information page than is currently available. The beta version, which is not limited to Pixel phones, displays all the information collected by the phone.

However, even in beta, the site is not fully active and the battery status section does not provide particularly accurate data. However, the fact that there is an advanced page shows that this will soon be available in the full version.

According to Android Authority, lines of code in the beta APK indicate that the field shows the approximate percentage of battery charge when new, as well as an option to “recalibrate” the battery, which takes “a few weeks.” “”.” – warns the application.

To access this feature, which is still only available on Pixel devices, go to Settings and then tap About Phone. About two-thirds of the way through you should see battery information. Click here to view the current number and production date of your bikes.


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