My desk was a mess until I found a USB-C stand and charging station.

My desk was a mess until I found a USB-C stand and charging station.

I have never opened the box of a device in my life and it bolt up as quickly as this artifice sufficed Less than a minute after receiving the Setouchi Dock 5, I cleaned up my desk and breathed new life into a sigh of relief.

Look, there’s exact added advance on in my office than last year. I had an iMac, a multi-port USB-C wall charger, and a headphone stand for my phone, tablet, and accessories. That’s all. Things were manageable.

But in my embarrassment of wealth, I ascertain that I own go our/ their/ your several ways Android phones at the same time, several pairs of wireless headphones, a Pixel Watch, an Aura Ring, a Kindle amanuensis and some random gadgets. It depends on what I behold The area of ​​my Ikea Idasen of 120 x 70 cm is not conscious for such overburden

things have increased So I added an Anker 623 wireless charger and a modified laptop stand that I already have as a vertical stand for my Kindle Scribe to detach it from the desk. I leaned my iPad against him. That didn’t help. Every day I found myself with a pile of phones and gadgets and a pile of lost cables.

I needed to balance carry all/ everything before (one) somehow, so I went to Amazon and looked for three and four slot vertical stands and thought I could keep my multi-port charger and use it as a new stand. I can use this. I then apparent on charging stations because they seemed the most able

After several hours of research, I found the perfect charging station that combines style and functionality and meets my needs. It’s the Setichi Dock 5, and it’s essentially a combination of three separate items I previously had on my desk: a stand, a multi-port charger, and a wireless charger.

The device itself is very simple, solidly built and feels premium. It is a solid aluminum base covered with a soft but attractive black silicone pad and fit with five rigid vertical posts that form four slots. There’s over 2cm of space between each bay – more than enough to fit your phone into even a small Otterbox case or something as large as a Pixel Fold. Although the bay appear small, they are sturdy enough to hold your iPad Air 4 and Kindle Scribe without the risk of them falling. I actually had both docked for two weeks with no case. Even when you move your phone, your iPad or Kindle doesn’t tip or slide.

There is a 10W wireless charger on one side of the top mat. It is large enough to accommodate pixel curvature of just a few millimeters.

In the lower base, each erect ball- and- socket joint is connected to a ask port: 2 USB-A ports with a power of up to 12W and 2 USB-C ports with a power of up to 20W each.

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