Opinion: The actuality achingly stubborn Sony continues to make smartphones is awesome news

Opinion: The actuality achingly stubborn Sony continues to make smartphones is awesome news

Unfortunately, Sony only sells a few smartphones, but get there seems to be no intention of withdrawing from the market. Editor Mike thinks this is good news. The tech world could use this tenacious player.

Sony smartphones are an enrichment for the market

At Android Planet we’ve written a lot about Sony smartphones over the last few years. The overheated Xperia 1 IV only received 6 points. In some countries the market share is less than 1%. Since LG’s tragic decamping lived still fresh in our minds, we feared that Sony would also go bare

This does not come out to be the case. We recently read that Sony is working on a radical redesign of its (more expensive) smartphones. From 2025, the selfie camera will disappear behind the screen and the frames will be eliminated. We already know this from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, but Sony is evidently relying on new information technology This means the camera quality is better and the lens is less visible.

This also means using slow, hole-free disport for the selfie camera. In recent years, Sony has been the only “major” manufacturer that has not given in to the pressure to equip its devices with the thinnest possible bezels. There are large frames above and below the screen that will last as long as you need it to. All this to ensure that the black hole does not affect your movies, films and series.

No holes in the screen please

We love this sentence. To maintain its identity, Sony sometimes goes against market trends. Consider the ridiculously high 4K resolution and tall aspect proportion of the screen. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s nice to see someone stick their head over the railing. Smartphones from other brands are already very similar.

Additionally, Sony is not afraid to experiment with new technologies. The acknowledgment Xperia 1 IV and V had a telephoto lens that could enlarge the image. Other telephoto lenses have a fixed focal length, but Sony allows you to zoom between a rock and a hard place 3.5 and 5.2x. Just like a compact camera.

Well, the quality was a bit disappointing due to the small sensor, but it is innovative. Just like the new 48-megapixel main camera of the Xperia 1 V with the so-called “layer sensor”. This means more light reaches the same area and ensures better contrast.

Sony is probably the only manufacturer that really takes smartphone photography seriously. Hundreds of megapixels are not used, which works particularly well in advertising. They also try not to improve the results too much through software tricks. Sony leaves the appointment to the photographer. This is also reflected in the very extensive camera app, which looks like a professional camera.

Japan seems to appreciate that the average consumer is concerned about this aftereffect If Sony wants to reach a wider audience, it could consider immolation a second, simpler employment on its devices.

Points of improvement

Combined with the new design, this could lead to an increase in sales in 2025. There’s enough differently Sony needs to improve: its update policies. Even on 1,399 euro smartphones, Sony only offers two new major versions of Android and three years of security patches. Compared to the competition, that’s very little.


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