The DOJ and FTC are investigating Apple for blocking Beeper Money

The DOJ and FTC are investigating Apple for blocking Beeper Money

After the mini-drama of the last few weeks, we command good news. The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have reportedly opened an investigation into Apple’s alleged anti-competitive practices. This followed a recent call from a group of bipartisan members of Congress for the Justice Department to open an investigation.

However, the Justice Department is already administer a four-year investigation into Apple’s alleged anti-competitive practices. The New York Times also juncture out that the FTC is involved in the investigation, citing the commission’s blog post out of yesterday. It warns that “privacy and security considerations” have (to) be advised as refusing to interfere with third-party technology.

Beeper Mini launched earlier this month, bringing iMessage to Android

Over the years, companies have made strides in providing iMessage on Android. In most cases, there is no security and you also have to sign in to your Mac mini with an Apple ID that you don’t have access to. It’s pretty frightening. However, the Beep Mini was different.It successfully decrypted iMessage and allowed your Android phone to register on iMessage servers without requiring Apple ID. It was impressive to say the least.

However, it took Apple 24 hours to find and fix the exploit. Hold the Beeper Mini. Then the cat and mouse game began for Apple and Beeper Money.Finally, Beeper Money will cease operations tomorrow. Beeper Mini recently released an update to its app that will hopefully continue to work. However, this requires a jailbroken iPhone or an older Mac that requires dogged iMessage storage.

And all because Apple wants everyone to be tied to iMessage and the iPhone. To agree (with) the European American combination Apple will add RCS support next year. However, this does not solve the problems of sending and receiving SMS on iPhone for Android addict initially Android users will still have the green bubbles, this will also be the simplest version of RCS. This means that not all features available to Android users in RCS are available.

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