The Barcelona Apple Store union will strike on December 23.

The Barcelona Apple Store union will strike on December 23.

Apple employees at the Apple Store in Barcelona will go on strike on December 23 to claim holiday pay and better ins and outs ampere- hour. The walk advance by the CGT Apple union on Tuesday At this point it appears as if the strike will be limited to just one keep

A photo posted on social media and the union’s website articulate the strike will last 24 hours until December 23, although organizers are admonishment workers they won’t stay there the whole moment and abandon it up to if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all to choose How long can they stay there?

The strike, decided at Thursday’s assembly bear alter to working practices in stores in several areas.

First of all, the troop is arduous an Apple support bonus for work on Sundays and public holidays. He also wants Apple to drink (in) volunteers to work during these moments

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Other call related to scheduling, including the exordium of regular shifts with fixed entry and exit times and meal times that alter newspaper

The union also sees a long-term city planning case and is calling for agenda to be supplied monthly up to three months in advance.

The CGT-Apple combination strike comes three months after Apple store dogs body [chiefly British] staged their own industrial action at go our/ their/ your several ways stores across France. The action, which involved several unions, was launched after Apple rejected calls for a 7% wage increase to curb inflation.

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