The Galaxy S24 can use artificial brain(s) to remove objects from videos

The Galaxy S24 can use artificial brain(s) to remove objects from videos

The Samsung Galaxy S24 flagships come with One UI 6.1 based on Android 14. The new version of One UI offers many AI functions. Lex offers AI-powered battery protection tools, wallpapers, lock screen effects, photo zoom, object replacement in photos, sorting and summarizing notes, circle detection, audio detection in recordings and much more. What was revealed?It appears that the Galaxy S24 series uses artificial intelligence to remove objects from videos.

Galaxy S24 may let you erase objects from videos using AI

@BennettBuhner’s recent article on X details several AI features that Samsung will bring to the Galaxy S24 series with One UI 6.1. The tipster claims that the new flagships will use AI processing to improve videos. AI can help improve video quality in low-light scenes by reducing grain and improving stability and visibility. The phone also improves photos in low light using artificial intelligence.

In addition, the Galaxy S24 can remove objects from photos and videos. Simply select an object in a photo or video and the AI ​​will remove it from all scenes. The space is automatically filled with the appropriate details based on the surrounding objects. Taking photos may be easier than shooting videos, but Samsung is confident that its AI solution will provide users with satisfactory results.

The next flagship series also includes an integrated pest management AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The tool can answer your questions and solve basic equations. Based on Samsung’s official announcements and leaks, it will be available offline. The source says the AI ​​chatbot may not be available at launch. The Korean company is still working on it. This feature may be made available later as part of a software update.

The Galaxy S24 series also lets you monitor phone conversations and keep track of what you’re talking about. Because this may pose a privacy risk, this feature is optional. Once turned on, the AI ​​will make suggestions based on what you say during the call. For example, if you have a meeting scheduled, you may be asked to set a reminder or add the event to your calendar. You can also use this feature if you use Bixby Text Calls, which allows you to translate and transcribe voice calls.

These AI features may reach other Galaxy flagships later

All of these AI features are part of Samsung’s One UI 6.1. After the launch of the Galaxy S24, the company will update models like the Galaxy S23 and the latest foldable models to the new version of One UI. The update should provide some, if not all, of these features. The official presentation of the new flagships is scheduled for January 17, 2024. Only a month remains until the Korean company unveils phones equipped with artificial intelligence.

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