What is Microsoft Copilot? How to use Copilot on Windows

What is Microsoft Copilot? How to use Copilot on Windows

Many big technology companies have their own AI model, and Microsoft Copilot is no challenge Its AI model is called “Copilot” and you may have seen it in Windows 11 or Microsoft Office. But what is pilot and what can you do with it?

What Is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an affected intelligence-based assistant that Microsoft brings to its operating systems and employment Depending on which employment you use it in, Copilot works differently and performs different affair

Works like ChatGPT if you conduct with it via a browser. Use it on Windows 11 and you can use it to flogger to dark mode or start an activity session. And if you open Copilot from Microsoft Edge, you can ask it to summarize the page you’re currently on.

You can also findCopilot in Microsoft Office employment Copilot in Word lets you create AI drafts.In PowerPoint you can ask him to summarize his presentation.

How to Access Microsoft Copilot

Access to Microsoft Copilot varies by application. We’ll show you how to get Microsoft Copilot in all its forms.

How to Open Microsoft Copilot on Windows 11

If you use Windows 11, you can access Copilot apply a hotkey. However, before you do this, make sure you have updated your operating system to Windows 11 23H2 or later.If you’re not sure, learn how to check the build and version of your Windows 11.

After installing Windows 11 23H2, you can open Copilot by pressing Win + C or clicking the Copilot icon on the taskbar.

If you don’t see it, right-click the taskbar, click Taskbar Settings, and then enable Copilot.

How to Open Microsoft Copilot on Edge

If you don’t ask apply Windows 11, you can still use Copilot through Microsoft Edge. Open Edge and then look for the sidebar on the right. Click on the pilot icon. Is the array If you can’t find it, you can also use the QWERTY keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Period.

How to Open Microsoft Copilot on the Web

If you don’t have access to Windows 11 or Edge, you can still use Copilot on the web. Just visit copilot.microsoft.com and you’re ready to go.

You continence notice that as you go to Bing and try to open Bing Chat, it opens Copilot instead because Microsoft has rechristened Bing Chat to Copilot. It should work like the previous service.

How to Open Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft 365 (Office)

Opening Copilot in Microsoft 365 depends on which app you have open. However, for Copilot to work, you need an active subscription TV to Microsoft 365.

Some applications require Copilot to open immediately after jump For example, when you open a new document in Word, Copilot come out and asks you if you want to create a draft. In other employment you have to disport it in the ribbon.

What Are the Copilot Conversation Styles?

If you open Copilot in an employment other than Office, you will be catechize every which way babble mode you want to use to talk to Copilot. Choosing the right option depends on the type of response you anticipate out of Copilot:’s conversation style does not affect the quality of information supplied by Copilot, so you can choose the one that array action you.

  • More Precise: This setting makes Copilot very “rigid” with its tone. It will speak very professionally and clearly without being too conversational. When I told Copilot to teach me about cats in Precise mode, it gave me all the details in a clear-cut bullet-point list.
  • More Balanced: This setting makes Copilot a little “friendlier,” but it still will give clear and concise facts. When asked to teach me about cats in Balanced mode, Copilot listed some scientific facts, then sprinkled in a handful of fun facts at the end.
  • More Creative: This makes Copilot more imaginative and allows it to speak freer than its other modes. When I asked it to teach me about cats, it told me the base facts, then told me that it believed cats were “amazing animals” and that humans should take better care of them.

The conversation style doesn’t affect the quality of the information that Copilot gives you, so feel free to choose the one that fits you best.

How to Use Microsoft Copilot

Now that you’ve got Copilot open, it’s time to check out what you can do with it.

Perform Research With Copilot

What I like about Copilot compared to other AI models is the way it references its sources.It’s always nice to show the AI ​​chatbot where it gets its knowledge from, but it also allows you to use those references when doing research.

If you want to know more about a specific topic, ask Copilot. As he discusses a topic, he commence to accent some of his affirm and deliver the source of this information below. You can then follow these links and use the same sources for your research.

Generate Images With DALL-E 3

Copilot is a good choice if you want to create photos for free. Copilot supports the powerful image author DALL-E 3. Ask him to draw something for you. If you’re not happy with the result, Copilot can guide you through added tips to get the best possible image.

For added data see apply DALL-E 3 on Copilot (formerly Bing).

Ask Copilot to Write Code for You

If you’re stuck on your next coding project, why not try Copilot ? You can ask him how to program something, or you can give him some of your code and ask him why it doesn’t work. It supports all major application programming interface mother tongue So if you have adversity application programming interface try Copilot.

Use Copilot’s Integration With Microsoft Office

When using Copilot in Microsoft Office, depending on which employment you have clear you can try the following:

  • Microsoft Word: Copilot can create a first draft for you based on a prompt. Thanks to Microsoft Graph in the background, Copilot can include content from collaborative documents across the organization. It can even tweak the document to sound professional or casual.
  • Microsoft Excel: Copilot can work with natural language prompts to give answers that earlier needed complex formulas. You can ask it to show you different visualizations, projections, and recommendations without changing the spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Copilot can use your outline or a Word document and auto-generate a slide deck. With basic commands, you can simplify longer presentations.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Besides quickly answering routine emails, Copilot can pull discussions from email threads and content across Microsoft 365. Copilot will also allow you to adjust the tone and length of your responses.
  • Microsoft Teams: Copilot can set meeting agendas and schedules. But it’s also an effective decision-maker as the chatbot can list the pros and cons of any discussion and suggest the next steps.
  • Business Chat: This new service taps into your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and contacts. You can boost your collaboration by using it as a single-window solution for your queries on projects and plans.

If you use any of these apps at work, try Copilot and see what it can do for you.


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