Windows 11 has problems with some WiFi networks

Windows 11 has problems with some WiFi networks

When it comes to updates, it’s best to do so early, but not too early unless the update addresses a truly urgent security issue. You want to have the latest software and affection bit dodge the problems this could cause in a production environment. commonly we have beta testing channels to detect these types of case but sometimes that’s not enough, as the Windows 11 Wi-Fi error shows.

Some Windows 11 PC owners have reported that installing cumulative updates KB5032288 and KB5033375 on their PCs caused them to lose support for some Wi-Fi networks and, as a result, were unable to connect to Wi-Fi . closer issue most common or garden [chiefly British] come (to) on analog computer because of public or work Wi-Fi connections. Microsoft says this shouldn’t be a problem ’cause home connections, but could bump any network that uses 802.1x authentication. . Microsoft confirmed these reports and added the following:

Currently, the issue only affects production versions of Windows 11. The company also recommends users revert to a previous update using the Rollback to Known Issues affection However, for most users, the fix is ​​as easy as going into Settings in “Windows.” .Click “Update,” click “Update History,” select “Uninstall Updates,” and select both options. arduous updates. It’s also unclear whether Microsoft has paused the launch at this juncture But if it hasn’t happened yet, it will befall soon.

In the meantime, if you have been infected, you can follow the steps above to get your computer working properly again. If this is not the case and (a) penny for your thoughts artifice is waiting for an modernize you may want to turn it off for as long as possible.

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